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Health Care Expense Sharing consists of a large community that voluntarily contributes a monthly share amount towards each other’s high health care expenses. Before the community can share in eligible health care costs, each member must pay their selected Initial Unshareable Amount.

Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)

This is the personal responsibility of members when a medical Need arises.

All qualifying medical expenses

above the IUA are shared 


by the sharing community

with No cap

3 Simple Responsibility Options







Example of how this works

A Need arises when the expenses for a single accident or illness exceed the Initial Unshareable Amount. 


Based on a $1,000 IUA

A member has a heart attack at home and is taken to the ER by ambulance. The patient spends 5 days in the hospital and receives EKG, surgery, and post-surgery physical therapy. The doctor prescribes medication for maintenance.

Hospital Bill $54,600
Anesthesia and Surgery $22,000
Prescriptions (1st 120 days) $425
Ambulance to the Hospital $725
Follow-up Office Visits $500
Shared with Community -$77,750
Total Member Cost $1,000



No lifetime or annual caps on qualifying medical expenses

Empowers and promotes healthy living and lifestyle choices

Two-year lookback for pre-existing conditions

Share in medical costs for emergencies or acute care when on vacation or working outside the U.S.

Maternity Needs are shareable and treated as a medical Need

If a member dies after one year of uninterrupted membership, financial assistance will be provided to the surviving family

This is not Insurance!


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